CPTC Emergency Procedures

Emergency Lockdown Procedures

Calmly and immediately seek shelter; sound an alert Dial 9-911, and then call Campus Security: 589-5682
1. Remain Calm – Immediately seek shelter in the nearest securable room, building, or safe haven. If there is no secure area nearby, run away from the threat, and do not stop running until you know you are safe. Use your best and sound judgment to ensure your safety and the safety of others.
2. Room or Building Security – Close and secure all doors and windows in your immediate area, barricade yourself if possible, turn off the lights, and seek additional cover from view. Remain calm and quiet.
3. Dial 9-911 then call Campus Security at 589-5682. If possible, send out an all faculty & staff email with Subject: “LOCKDOWN!” (No other text required). Do not assume someone else has already notified authorities.
4. Do not allow anyone to enter your secured area unless you are absolutely certain the person is not the perpetrator or being coerced by the perpetrator.
5. Remain in place until the all clear signal is given or as instructed by law enforcement officers who will provide proper and recognizable identification. Then, follow all instructions by officers.

Emergency Information to Give to Authorities

After finding shelter/safety, dial 9-911 and provide the following information:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Location
  • Disturbance at: (Building No. & Room No. if available) (Authorities will already know the campus address and will only need the disturbance and/or your location)
Provide requested information if time permits:
Disturbance in progress
  • weapon involved
  • no weapon involved
Disturbance imminent due to unreasonable behavior
Threat is by
  • single person
  • multiple persons
Injury has
  • occurred
  • not occurred at this time

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